Custom Training

We can work with you and your team and develop an individualized training program to meet your organization’s needs! The training can be a customized webinar on a topic or process that you request, a virtual workshop, or even an in-person event (following COVID-19 restrictions and CDC Guidance). We work with you and your team to develop a training program that will help bring your organization to the next level.

Topics can be anything from ACH electronic processing (including Exception Processes), Customer Service soft skills, workplace efficiency, Originator training, or even AAP Exam Prep! You choose the topic, and we prepare the content to effectively train your entire team (including interactive scenarios)!

AAP (Accredited ACH Professional) Exam Prep

Preparing and studying for the AAP Exam (administered by Nacha annually in October) can be one of the most difficult and stressful events in the career of any serious payments professional looking to advance their knowledge and career. With Donna K Olheiser, AAP’s expert knowledge and training abilities has developed many perfectly-designed training programs that has continued to assist individuals in successfully passing the AAP Exam. The AAP Exam Prep Roadmap (being designed for 2021) will feature webinars, in-person workshops, takeaways, tips and tricks for memory retention, and more to ensure knowledge retention and build confidence. Stay tuned to learn more about our AAP Exam Prep Roadmap in 2021.

Originator Training – an ODFI Compliance Requirement

As a financial institution, when you send ACH transactions on behalf of Originators and /or Third-Party Senders and Processors – you take huge Risks. You are responsible and carry a warranty on all ACH transactions you transmit into the ACH network. Education for those Originators and TPS/TPSP is YOUR Responsibility. Let Dynamic Mastership do that training for you – or provide you with the materials to provide to your Originators – so you can be compliant with the Nacha Operating Rules for “Educating YOUR Originator”!

Customer Service Soft Skills and Efficiency Training

Workplace training (even when done virtually) is an effective way to boost productivity and maintain quality standards. Well-trained employees can be more skilled in their jobs and less likely to make mistakes, resulting in greater efficiency and effectiveness. Customer service soft skills, how to “wow” your customer, effective phone skills and more can be added to your next training event. Donna K Olheiser, AAP has over 25 years Customer Service experience in retail and phone service.

More About AAP Training & Certification

Overview & Benefits of AAP Certification

Are you interested in becoming an Accredited ACH Professional (AAP)? Did you know the FFIEC (Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council) recommends that all financial institutions have an AAP on staff to help them remain in compliance with the Nacha Operating Rules?  Do you currently have an AAP on staff at your organization?  The AAP Exam is administered by Nacha (the National ACH Association) each year in October and a fee is charged for the Exam (by Nacha).

Are you thinking right now: “I perhaps know of someone [insert name of AAP candidate] who’s been in ACH for a few years and really knows their stuff – make it  goal in 2021 to pass the AAP exam?”

Training to take the AAP (Accredited ACH Professional) Exam can be one of the most difficult and stressful events in the career of any serious Payments professional. Few achievements, however, will offer you more opportunities to advance and succeed than earning the AAP designation after your name. If you’re thinking you yourself are interested in this daunting task or know someone who is planning on taking the AAP Exam in 2021 or 2022 — we have a perfectly designed study plan – to include webinars, in-person workshops AND takeaways, tips and tricks to help you succeed!

About the AAP Study Curriculum Program

With the implementation of “Same Day ACH” (Faster Payments) into the ACH Network, and the final phase of that implementation being in March of 2018 – the ACH Network is “no longer the same” — their are now options!  The legacy ACH Network that we have used for over 40 years is now more complex than ever and requires knowing the different options available when sending ACH transactions and when returning ACH Entries.  Settlement and Funds Availability require the ability to know what each means and how this affect the processing of ACH transactions, plus how the Receiver is affected.  To study for the AAP Exam is even more in depth and will require guidance on how to prepare, what to expect, plus tips and tricks to retain information to help you successfully pass the AAP Exam in 2021 or 2022!

ACH payments expert and industry trainer Donna Olheiser AAP with Dynamic Mastership has developed an AAP Study Curriculum Program to everyone who is serious about taking the AAP Exam. This combination of webinars,  in-person workshops, hands-on review exercises, takeaways to review on your own, tips and tricks on remembering details surrounding how the ACH Network and other payment systems operate, including many multiple choice review questions throughout the entire Guidance Program will help you prepare for successfully passing the AAP Exam!

To see detailed descriptions of all webinar sessions and in-person workshops – check back often for a link to the program’s details and details on how to register will be provided for those interested in bringing themselves to the next level in their electronic payments professional career – by preparing to become an Accredited ACH Professional (AAP)!

Ready to start creating a custom ACH payment processing, Microsoft Office, customer service, or workplace efficiency training program for your team?

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